Best Price PVC Fence - Wrought Iron - Iron Galvanized Balustrade - 100x100 Cm Wholesale Product

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Our products have CE and ISO certificates.

Polietilen (PE) - PVC is a fence system which is produced with standard pattern molds by using raw material and reinforced with galvanized steel fasteners.
Plastic ferforje is rustless because of high density Polietilen raw material with UV additive, won't need paint or maintenence and resistant to climatic conditions.
Polietilen formed by the polymerization of Polietilen is highly resistant to acid,base and high temperature.
It can be easily used during in coastal towns where moisture is intense or in regions with high temperatures in summer.
Resistant up to -70°C or +70°C. Therefore, fading in colors or abrasion does not occur.
One of it's most important features is it's durabilty and aesthetics.
Available in many colors for your liking. It is also easy to install and transport with our package system.
Polietilen (PE) Technical Specifications
- High chemical strength
- High electrical strength
- High tensile strength
- Low specific weight
- Low abrassion strength
- Strength to low atmospheric effects